The Costumes

Take a look at a small selection of the 3000+ costumes we have in store.

70s Male
60s Female
Army Girl
Female leprechaun
Adult Dorothy
Female Mad Hatter
60s Female
Adult Princess Jasmin
Adult Batwoman
Adult Wonder Women
Male Ancient Greece
Mrs Incredible
Ancient Greece Sandals
Female Ancient Greece
Hidden SuperMan
Male Roman
Male Ancient Rome
Female Ancient Greece
Male and Female Spanish Dancers
Native Americans
60s Females
20s Flapper Girls
50s Female
Women's Armed Forces
Alice In Wonderland &Queen of Hearts
Sumo Suit
Princess Lean
Buz LightYear
Spanish Flamenco Dancer
Queen Elizabeth I
Roman Centurion and Roman Woman
Sace Girl and Cyber-Man
Cruella De Vil
Anne Boleyn
Darth Vader
Where's Wally?
Michael Jackson
Marilyn Monroe
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Opening Times
Hall green: Wednesday-Saturday 10am-6pm


Sutton Coldfield:
Monday -Friday 3-7pm,
Saturday 9am-5pm

Hall green: 0121 777 5685

Sutton Coldfield: 0121 679 4463

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