Terms of hire

1) The Hirer is the person or company who takes the items out on hire.

2) Whether or not the Hirer has examined the articles the Hirer's signed acceptance acknowledges receipt of the articles in good condition and fit for the purpose intended.

3) Costumes are taken on hire and used entirely at Hirer's risk including third party.

4) Articles found to be missing or damaged on return will be charged for at full replacement or repair cost.

5) A cleaning charge will be made for items returned dirty.

6) If with our agreement, the period of hire is extended, the terms and conditions of the original period of hire shall apply to the extended period of hire. Un-notified extensions of hire will result in the hire charge of 1½ time the daily rate for each day or part day late.

7) On no account must costumes be altered in any way.

8) We will at all times try to supply items requested, but should this not be possible for any reason, we will endeavour to supply a suitable substitution.

9) We reserve the right to refuse applications for hire entirely at our discretion.

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Opening Times
Hall green: Wednesday-Saturday 10am-6pm


Sutton Coldfield:
Monday -Friday 3-7pm,
Saturday 9am-5pm

Hall green: 0121 777 5685

Sutton Coldfield: 0121 679 4463



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